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About Causeway Volunteer Centre

Causeway Volunteer Centre (CVC) is the leading Agency for volunteering in the Causeway Area covering Coleraine, Ballymoney and Moyle. 

CVC was established as a charity in 1997 to complement existing Centres and further develop the volunteering infrastructure in Northern Ireland

CVC has a strong management team with a diverse range of expertise, skills and knowledge

CVC has charitable objectives providing high quality services to all sectors ie: the community and voluntary sector and private and public sectors.

CVC delivers a portfolio of volunteer-effective projects liaising with charities, voluntary and community organisations, local authorities, schools and colleges, health professionals and Government Departments.

CVC receives core funding from The Department for Communities (DFC) under the Volunteer Infrastructure Support Programme.

CVC Vision is to Enhance Communities through Volunteering

To work towards the creation of a community where people, the environment and animals are valued and protected, and where people feel included and inspired to make their unique contribution 

CVC’s Mission is to Promote and Supporting Volunteering through a Person-centred approach

To use volunteering as a means of promoting inclusion and engagement in the community

Our services

Research, develop and promote local volunteer opportunities

Provide appropriate support to enable volunteers to find suitable placements

Provide ongoing support to volunteers and placement organisations

Organise Volunteer Recognition Events

Deliver Child Protection and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Training

Carry out Access NI checks

Circulate pertinent information to community and voluntary organisations within our service area

Provide advice and training on all aspects of involving and managing volunteers

Provide advice and training on accessing and managing the Small Grants for Volunteering Programme

Participate in regional networks and lobby on behalf of volunteering

Projects: Causeway Counselling

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