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Casual Sightings Recorder (Irish Whale and Dolphin Group)
Location Causeway Coast & Glens

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group

Casual Sightings Recorder

We are looking for members of the public to report sightings of whales, dolphins and porpoises (collectively known as cetaceans) that they may see opportunistically.

Role Description:

  • This does not require any dedicated time or task other than simply reporting what you saw. It is even better if you have managed to get photos or videos of the animals.
  • This scheme enables people fortunate enough to make a cetacean sighting to report it to IWDG where the record is validated and logged onto a national database. 
  • This scheme provides us with a broad overview of cetacean activity in Irish waters, and helps us establish which species occur, and provides important information on their distribution and density.
  • Sightings are best recorded by completing an online sightings form, which will just take up a few more minutes of your time. You'll find this form on the sightings section of our website On the home page, select the “sightings” option on top of page, then select the Report Sightings option, and this will take you straight into the form. All you need do is complete as many of the fields as accurately as you can, based on what you saw, then submit.
  • You might also consider emailing us any images taken of the animals, as jpegs, to as this is often the easiest way of confirming species ID. Once received, we will give you immediate feedback.

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