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Speaker Scheme Volunteer (Diabetes UK)
Location Throughout Northern Ireland
Description Overall purpose of volunteer role: Speaker scheme volunteers give talks and presentations on behalf of Diabetes UK to groups in their local communities of diabetes and the work of Diabetes UK. About the Northern Ireland Team The Volunteer Development Team supports all Diabetes UK volunteers around the country and develops new volunteering opportunities for the organisation. Main elements of volunteer role:  Attend a speaker scheme training session to learn more about diabetes and Diabetes UK and help develop your presentation skills  Approach groups in your local area to offer to give talks to their members  Present in a friendly and enthusiastic manner to wide range of groups such as community groups, social clubs, local companies and organisations.  Answer general queries and direct and medical or other specific questions to Diabetes UK or to healthcare professionals. We hope that you will be able to volunteer for: You will need to attend a speaker scheme training session, these are run around the UK and usually take place over one day or two evenings, or you might attend a one to one briefing in one of Diabetes UKs regional or national offices. You fit the talks into your existing commitments; you decide when you are available and who you are going to be speaking to. Most talks will last for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. What we are looking for:  Someone able to commit to the agreed hours and provide reliable support  Confident at speaking to groups of people  Good communication and listening skills  Enthusiastic and outgoing  An interest in community-based health promotion work  Ability to main confidentiality  A willingness to attend all briefings and trainings related to your role What we can offer you:  Payment of agreed out of pocket expenses, such as lunch and travel  Diabetes UK commitment to Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities Policy  An opportunity to gain experience of working as part of a busy Northern Ireland team.  Experience of working in the charity sector.  The opportunity to contribute to an important area of work which could ultimately help to improve the lives of people with diabetes.  Full support in your role. We hope you will:  support Diabetes UK in its work and carry to out your volunteer role to the best of your ability.  meet time commitments and standards agreed, and give reasonable notice when unavailable, so other arrangements can be made.  support Diabetes UK procedures and standards by: i) Being aware of your own health and safety and of that of others ii) Respecting others and treating people equally irrespective of age, race, sex, class, economic status, disability, sexual orientation and religious belief. Confidentiality The matter of confidentiality is very important. Diabetes UK is trusted by others with sensitive information. We therefore ask that should you work with confidential information you ensure that confidentiality is upheld. Intellectual Property The work you do for us is important to us and we value the rights that may exist in any work which you undertake. In some cases, it may be vital that we own and can prove we own such rights. Accordingly, we may ask you to complete, sign and return a separate assignment of such rights. The purpose of this role description is to set out the expectations of both parties. It is not the intention of either party that the volunteering has the purpose or effect of creating a legally binding contract or an employment relationship between parties. Thank you for volunteering for Diabetes UK. We very much appreciate your volunteering for us and will do our best to make your volunteer experience with us enjoyable and rewarding.
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