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Give a hog a home (RSBP)
Location Throughout Northern Ireland
Description Give a hog a home. For a hedgehog to set up home in your garden, it needs to be able to get in! So if your garden is surrounded by a fence or wall, make sure that there are gaps for hedgehogs and other wildlife to squeeze through. Come autumn, hedgehogs will be on the lookout for a cosy place to snuggle down and sleep away the winter. Log piles, compost heaps and sheltered nooks under sheds and hedges are all popular places. Remember that hibernating hedgehogs like peace and quiet, so put the house where it won't be disturbed, against a wall or fence and surrounded by plants for cover. Face the entrance to the box away from cold north winds and resist the temptation to peek inside. The best way to see if a hedgehog has taken up residence is to leave damp sand or mud outside the entrance and keep an eye for footprints.
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