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Rosie's Trust Volunteers (Rosie's Trust)
Location Throughout Northern Ireland

Rosie's Trust Volunteers

Rosie’s Trust objective is to alleviate the stresses and anxieties experienced by animal owners who find themselves no longer able to independently care for their companion pets in a practical way. Rosie’s Trust will support an older person, terminally ill or an individual undergoing acute cancer treatment who have companion pets that they are unable to care for in a practical way.

Rosie’s Trust need volunteers from all walks of life and communities who recognise the special relationship that exists between an individual and their companion pets. We have a number of volunteering opportunities available and we need volunteers all over Northern Ireland as our service grows.

Main roles:

1. Visiting service users to carry our practical animal care for example:

  • Dog walking,
  • Cat and small animal care including feeding, cleaning litter trays,cages etc
  • Vet visits- routine and emergency

2. Short term fostering

3. Lifetime adoption

4. Administration support

5. Charity awareness and promotion

Essential skills:

  • To work within the principles and ethos of Rosie’s Trust
  • Adhere to volunteer policies and procedures
  • To respect confidentiality of all information received and adhere to our policy.
  • Respect all individuals regardless of their race, gender, culture, religion, disability, sexual orientation and marital status
  • Maintain good communication with Rosie’s Trust and report any concerns in connections with the beneficiaries as soon as possible
  • To complete any relevant reports/paperwork
  • Attend any mandatory training
  • A strong awareness of the importance and benefits of the human/animal relationship
  • Willingness to learn and operate within set boundaries
  • A reliable team member who can operate autonomously and keep commitments and appointments
  • Self awareness
  • Friendly and sensitive
  • To be flexible in your approach

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