Access NI Important Information

Access NI Important Information

Access NI Important Information

Since AccessNI moved to on-line applications in April 2015, a longstanding issue has been the accumulation of ‘Incomplete’ applications remaining on both Applicant and Signatory work queues on their NIdirect accounts.  

AccessNI would like to advise that a software fix has been developed to address this issue.  This fix will result in the automatic deletion of all applications that have not been submitted to AccessNI within 90 days of having been created by the applicant.

Given the significant back-log in the volume of applications, we have decided to adopt a phased approach to implementing this fix.  The timetable for the removal of these ‘aged’ incomplete cases is as follows:-


Incompletes Removed
(by year)









As a direct result of this change, Signatories will wish to note, going forward, that any application created by an applicant will effectively only have a shelf life of 90 days.  If after 90 days, the application has not been submitted to AccessNI, then it will automatically be deleted and the applicant will have to start the process again.  

We would urge all Signatories to regularly check work queues and ensure that applications are submitted to AccessNI within the 90 day limit.

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