Causeway Volunteer Centre Acknowledges Young Volunteers

Causeway Volunteer Centre Acknowledges Young Volunteers

Causeway Volunteer Centre Acknowledges Young Volunteers

Causeway Volunteer Centre acknowledges Young Volunteers

A delightful evening in support of youth volunteering was held in the Lodge Hotel on Wednesday evening.  This evening was organised by Causeway Volunteer Centre through funding from Awards for All.  Ruth McNeill, Causeway Volunteer Centre said ‘young people have so much to offer as volunteers and deserve recognition.  These young people have taken time out of their busy lives to get involved in their communities and give a very positive image of young people’

Yasmin Geddis from the Zachary Geddis Trust impressed everyone with her very personal story of grief following the death of her brother and the positive way she channelled that sorrow into action as a volunteer to help others.  The one-time young lawyer now works full time to fundraise and run support projects for young people experiencing mental health issues.  Everyone within her organisation is a volunteer.  She commented that there’s nothing more precious than someone giving up their time to help others and called on anyone with time on their hands to come and join her in the Zachary Geddis Trust.

Cllr Sean Bateson, Mayor Causeway Coast and Glens Council also recognised the contribution of young volunteers in the area.  He said that young people bring energy to organisations.  They bring new ideas and modern thinking to groups and are visible role models for other young people.  Young volunteers also help to change the negative images that are often portrayed in the media.  They show that young people are thoughtful, hard-working and willing to play a positive role in society.

The young volunteers themselves acknowledged that volunteering gave them something worthwhile to do, something that they feel good about and that looks good on a CV which helps in getting jobs or entering further education.

Many also said that they had gained confidence and self-esteem as well as training and skills, and that volunteering had helped them take on more responsibilities.  ‘It’s good to get your opinions listened to’ commented one of the volunteers.

If you’d like to influence the future, begin by volunteering.  More young volunteers are needed on Management Committees, Youth Forums and in political settings.

If you’d like to get involved in volunteering contact Causeway Volunteer Centre; visit the website, email or call 02870358285.

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