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Lattitude Global Volunteering is an international youth development charity. Our mission is to educate and develop young people worldwide by providing opportunities to volunteer abroad and to make a positive difference to the lives of others through a distinctive, challenging, structured and supported overseas volunteering experience in a culture and community different from their own. Through volunteering abroad, we give young people the opportunity to experience the world beyond their community and to truly engage with it. We help to develop young people’s awareness and responsibilities towards themselves and others, and equip them with employability and life skills.

Placements are available for: English teachers General Studies tutors Outdoor Activities Instructors Care Assistant Caring Assistant Health Care Assistant Medical Assistant (in a Hospital environment) Conservation worker There are also specific summer camp and school opportunities leaving in June and August Several of the placements involve cross-over skills and as well as giving to the project - Volunteers have time to get to know he people they meet during their adventures. 

 Days/Times 03 - 12 months Age: 17 - 25 yrs

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