Adminstrator (Vineyard Compassion)


The role of Volunteer Administrator is designed to support the Volunteer Coordinator from an office capacity. The Coordinator is responsible for helping Vineyard Compassion to develop as a volunteer organisation and attract more volunteers in order to extend the work we do. 

The Duties will include: 

  • Supporting Strategy .
  • Executing Volunteer Coordination, i.e.: Recording and analysing attendance of volunteers - informing project leaders about anomalies and trends 
  • Maintaining important procedures and systems 
  • Event management 
  • Translating the ideas from meetings into actionable tasks for volunteers 
  • Help set up, develop and supervise a volunteer team 
  • Improving Volunteer Coordination 
  • Creating Volunteer Coordination .
  • Supporting Project Leaders 

 Flexible Hours Mon, Wed & Fri (preferred) 9am - 2pm (Can work around School Holidays) 

Wheelchair Accessible

 Age : 18+

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