Development Volunteer (Parkinsons UK)


Development Volunteer

This is a completely new role being offered by the charity to support its pioneering work to reach out and connect with people living with Parkinson’s in local areas. Volunteers have always been an integral part of our work, but this role will explore a range of ways in which support can be widened by providing volunteers with engaging and innovative ways to get involved. The first stage is a pilot in Belfast, Causeway and Fermanagh. 

The Development Volunteer will work alongside the NI team and other like-minded volunteers in these areas to create and pioneer new approaches to reach out to people with Parkinson’s in the local area to ensure that no one has to face Parkinson’s alone. 

The role

 • Attend meetings of the NI Development Panel (approximately 4 per year) 

• Work alongside the NI team and like-minded volunteers to develop innovative and pioneering new ways to connect with and support people living with Parkinson’s (such as social groups, art classes, dance classes etc) 

 • To be part of the delivery of activities 

 • To increase the capacity of the charity in a sustainable way to meet the needs of the increasing number of people living with Parkinson’s 

 • To work with the team and like-minded volunteers to develop relationships with people living with Parkinson’s in local areas.

 The Development Volunteer should be 

 • a person who is warm and friendly, with the ability to connect with people from all walks of life . 

 • flexible and adaptive as the role will develop and grow as the pilot progresses. 

 • have the ability to work with others in exchanging and developing ideas 

 • be passionate about the about the work of Parkinson’s UK and connecting with people with Parkinson’s in the local area. 

 The Development Volunteer role offers individuals 

 • the opportunity to be part of the pioneering work of Parkinson’s UK in the local areas. 

 • To gain experience in setting up and delivering projects • Build and foster relationships with other like- minded volunteers and people within      the local community 

• Induction, training and on-going support within the role 

 • Out of pocket expenses

 Age must be 18+,

 Expectation min 3 hours per fornight

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