Activities and Befriending Volunteers (MindWise)


MindWise works to support those at risk of, and affected by, severe mental illness and mental health difficulties. 

Our support includes: 

  • Lobbying and campaigning to promote equality and respect for all. 
  • Supporting and encouraging people to achieve their own goals and aspirations. 
  • Promoting, recognising and supporting carers, families and friends. 
  • Engaging with other agencies to develop first class services that represent value for money. 
  • Holding recovery as core to all the services we provide and promoting the recovery ethos to others. 
  • Developing the skills and knowledge required to manage personal mental health and the mental health of others. 

Role Description:We have opportunities for volunteers to get involved in running group activities for clients referred to our Community Bridge Building Project or to provide one to one befriending support. 

Location:The roles are based in the Ballymoney area and would take place in the local community. 

Skills and Experience: Ideally volunteers should have an understanding of mental health and also be good communicators. 

Time required:2-4 hours per month. 

Volunteers should be over 18 years old.

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