Telephone Support Volunteer (Solas Moyle)


Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer Role Title

Telephone Support

Rationale for volunteer role

To provide supportive, compassionate contact to individuals via regular, scheduled telephone calls.  This role offers volunteers the opportunity to engage with people who are unable to come in to the Solas house, to offer a friendly listening ear, and a chat.

Key areas of responsibility

·         Review any background information regarding the individual(s) as provided by referral source, Solas staff or therapists.

·         Make outreach telephone calls as assigned, offering kind, supportive socialisation for the specific individual(s).

·         Provide additional resource & support information to the individual(s) as appropriate.

·         Record brief note regarding the call within Solas Confidentiality Policy guidelines.

Time commitment

Volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of three hours per week, and to remotely attend quarterly Team Support Meetings.

Skills required to fulfil this role

·         Good communication skills

·         Reliable and punctual

·         Comfortable ‘meeting’ people by telephone

·         Warm, kind, non-judgemental manner

·         Agree with the ethos of Solas organisation

·         Comfortable working under minimal supervision

·         Trustworthy

In house training offered to support this role

·         Volunteer induction

·         Team support meetings

·         Awareness sessions relevant to volunteer role and client base

Does this role involve having access to children or vulnerable adults?  Yes

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