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Video Social Group Volunteer

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Come and join the fun …. We need friendly, outgoing and welcoming volunteers to assist at our regular online group meet ups.

Our members really enjoy getting together having a good chat about all sorts of things and, here at Deafblind UK, we hold regular meetings where our members get together online.

How can you help…? 

Virtual Group Volunteers (a term which incorporates both telephone and video based roles) are a fantastic support to our members and you can also benefit immensely by gaining new friendships yourself. We are looking for volunteers to support in facilitating small groups to enable our members to make the most of their time together, encouraging chat and opening up discussions so everyone gets a chance to participate.

No previous experience is required but a familiarity with the appropriate technology and having access to a computer, laptop or tablet would be required. A confident, outgoing personality with good communication skills goes a long way too!

Could you give an hour or more at a regular time, once a fortnight, to help connect our members (many of whom manage their sight and hearing loss alone)? 

Dual sensory loss can be isolating and lonely, however getting people together to enjoy each other's company goes a long way to tackling this. 

 What is a Virtual Group Volunteer?

A Virtual Group Volunteer facilitates the remote group calls with our members. The group call could either be a video call, telephone or video call for our BSL members, depending on your chosen role. You would ensure that members are following the guidelines for the group calls and, where required, engage in conversations of mutual interest offering support and company to the group. Your involvement can greatly improve our members’ quality of life and reduce their isolation. 

What’s involved?

As a Virtual Group Volunteer your role would be:

  • To host a recurring group meeting with the same members on a fortnightly basis (the meeting and invitations will have been generated for you in advance by a member of the Deafblind UK staff team).
  • To ensure all members participating in the call are welcomed and actively joined into the group
  • To enable the members to discuss topics of their choice without discriminating against anyone.
  • To engage in conversations of mutual interest with members and to provide encouragement to maintain the flow of conversation for the allotted time.
  •  To provide advice and guidance to a deafblind person to a level appropriate within a mutual friendship.
  • To provide regular updates of your volunteering activity to your named Deafblind UK contact to flag any concerns or queries.
  • To assist in making the groups fully accessible for our members. 

What times do I need to commit to?

This role requires a minimum of 1 hour on a fortnightly basis.The meetings are scheduled at a fixed recurring day and time, so you will need to be regularly available at that scheduled time.  We host multiple groups, so there should be one that fits in well with your regular routines. 

The role will suit people who …

  • Willing to share their own personal interests with members who have similar or the same interests
  • Willing to engage in conversations with deafblind people to share interests
  • Willing to learn communication and guiding techniques to meet the needs of the deafblind person / people (full training will be provided)
  • Aged 18 and over
  • Based in the UK

What are the benefits to you?  

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a real difference to the lives of people with dual sensory loss. 
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded people and make new friends.
  • To be part of a friendly and dedicated team.
  • To acquire new communication and awareness skills.
  • To establish positive employability skills to help you in your career path.

How do we support you?

We ensure all volunteers who join our team are well equipped to undertake any tasks and we will provide training and supervision throughout your journey with us. Any specific training will be outlined within your onboarding and induction stages and then discussed at your reviews with your named lead contact.? 

We also hold regular informal online volunteer get togethers where you can meet other volunteers, discuss volunteer activities and share good practice. 


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