Volunteer Mentor (Extern)

Throughout Northern Ireland

Volunteer Mentor


Extern is a charity that provides services to support a range of vulnerable and marginalised people including children, young people, adults and families who have issues which are challenging and complex.

The volunteer mentor will be supporting young people from 8 to 21 years old who are from the looked after and care population. The volunteer mentor will meet up with a young person for around  1hour per week. A volunteer mentor can help a young person by providing emotional support, advice and guidance to assist the young people to address their barriers to progression. A volunteer mentor will improve a young person’s quality of life by promoting their wellbeing, independence, healthy life choices and training and employability.


  • Capacity to show understanding, empathy and respect toward service users
  • Be able to positively and effectively listen and communicate with a service user
  • A warm, non judgemental and caring disposition is essential in this role
  • Experience of social interaction with individuals who benefit from contact with others, in order to prevent social isolation


  • Time- 1hour- 1hour 30mins per week
  • Minimum commitment expected:1 year
  • All volunteer mentors will receive training
  • Travel expenses available

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