Volunteer Fundraising Group (Alzheimer's Society)


Regional fundraising is at the very centre of how we raise vital funds at a local level. This money goes towards universal services including our website, National Dementia Helpline, as well as local services such as dementia cafes and Singing for the Brain. It also helps fund research into care for today and cure for tomorrow, as well as our campaigning work.

What will I be doing? 

  • Attending meetings with other core VFG members and/or helping on event day with the planned fundraising activities 
  • Contributing ideas for fundraising to be planned and carried out by the VFG. 
  • Researching local information and opportunities for further fundraising. 
  • Helping to promote and market fundraising activities. 
  • You will be in close contact with your local Community Fundraiser so all activities are clearly planned, agreed and executed in line with Society policies and procedures. 
  • Providing support to external fundraisers, to be discussed with the Community Fundraiser on a case-by-case basis.
  • Keeping accurate records of fundraising activities and monies raised. 
  • There will also be opportunities within the fundraising group to take on areas of further responsibility, such as group leader or treasurer.

Time:The amount of time committed varies depending on the activities of the Fundraising Group. It is generally a couple of hours a month for planning meetings, plus attendance at the fundraising activity organised by the group. 

You will receive training to start your role and will have a dedicated role manager to support you. We will reimburse reasonable lunch and travel expenses.

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