Hospital Radio Volunteer Presenter (Causeway Hospital)


Volunteer’s area of responsibility: To present a hospital radio show. Tasks that the volunteer would be required to do :present a radio show and to leave presenting studio clean and tidy. What days and for how many hours a week the volunteer would be required for? -Flexible. Areas/facilities that the volunteer will be expected to be. • Hospital radio environment • Public access areas of the facility • Some identified wards. Skills that the volunteer need to successfully fill the post: • Excellent communication skills • Comfortable in group settings and working alone • An interest in or appreciation of all types of music. What in house training would the volunteer need to receive to successfully fulfil the requirements of the volunteering post? • Volunteer Induction • Facility Induction • Awareness Sessions as required for the volunteer role • Awareness session for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable adults. May have occasional contact with vulnerable adults.

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