Meet and Greet Volunteer (Causeway Hospital)


Role Description:To support the provision of a welcoming and helpful environment upon entering the hospital building. 

 Tasks that the volunteer would be required to do

  •  Guiding and directing members of the public to particular areas of the hospital when requested 
  •  Signposting members of the public to individuals, equipment or departments where relevant. 

 On what days and for how many hours a week the volunteer would be required for?  Flexible availability. 

 Areas/facilities that the volunteer will be expected to be: Hospital main entrance and public access areas


  •  Good communication skills 
  •  Comfortable in group situations 
  •  Reliable and punctual. 

 What in house training would the volunteer need to receive to successfully fulfil the requirements of the volunteering post? 

  • Volunteer induction to NHSCT 
  • Volunteer Induction to facility 
  • Awareness sessions for volunteers as required.

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