Volunteer Crafter (Pavestones Centre)


Role Description:

  • Work in accordance with work schedules as agreed with the Key Worker and the staff member in charge of the work room. 
  • Participate in the work production in designated workshops as directed by the member of staff in charge. 
  • Practise the required level of quality in all aspects of the role. 
  • Follow cleaning methods as instructed for the workshop environment and equipment. 
  • Wear protective clothing where necessary as directed by a member of staff in adherence to Health and Safety regulations. 
  • Report the need for repairs to equipment. 
  • Report accidents/incidents to a member of staff. 
  • Attend all relevant training/refresher sessions. 
  • Offer suggestions to the Facility Lead which may improve the business or efficiency of F.MacCool & Co. 

Days and times are to be arranged with the volunteer.

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