Hearing Aid maintenance volunteer (RNID)

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Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer role:

Hearing Aid Maintenance Volunteer


To work with the Hearing Aid User Support Service (HAUSS) project to provide hearing aid maintenance and advice to NHS hearing aid users at planned support sessions and/or in their own homes, if required. *

General tasks:

·         Offer practical support to the service user teaching them how to optimise their NHS hearing aid and provide information on RNID services. 

·         Change / clean hearing aid tubing, ear moulds and filters and replace batteries

·         Reinforce instructions given at the time of fitting and issue of the hearing aid, including best listening conditions

·         Advise about other support services for hard of hearing people i.e. Sensory support, RNID projects e.g. befriending, tinnitus support

·         Complete relevant paperwork during Support Session and/or Home Visit

·         Attend peer support meetings to share experience and keep updated with project changes  and training updates

·         Refer enquiries to RNID staff if you do not know the answer

·         Keep all information given or discussed within the service confidential

·         Promote the work of RNID

Essential skills needed:

·         Ability to work with hearing aids (all training provided)

·         Good interpersonal and communication skills

·         Friendly, reliable and approachable manner

·         Ability to approach visitors in a confident and caring manner

·         Ability to listen to questions and to answer appropriately or signpost to RNID staff, as required

·         Happy to work with a wide range of people

·         Knowledge of or willingness to learn about issues affecting people confronting deafness, tinnitus or hearing loss

Desirable skills:

·         Hearing aid user or have a good understanding of the issues faced by people with a hearing loss

Training/Learning needed:

RNID offers full, on-going training for all volunteers including an online induction session. In addition there is further training on Hearing Aid Maintenance with input from a professional audiologist and other people working with people with hearing loss. Both of these training courses give the opportunity to achieve an OCN qualification. There will be on-going practical training with staff and other volunteers to build confidence and skills.


The level of commitment depends on the individual volunteer however we would ask for a minimum of 2 hours per month.


Positions will be offered within your local area.

Support and supervision:

Regular support will be given by your Volunteer Co-ordinator, peer volunteers, audiology and other related health professionals e.g. Sensory Support Team

Benefits of volunteering:

·         Training – learning new skills and gaining up-to-date knowledge of issues affecting deaf and hard of hearing people;

·         Experience – meeting new people in different situations, building new friendships with other RNID volunteers;

·         Fulfilment – knowing that your support will make a real difference to those who receive it and you will be helping to raise deaf awareness throughout society as a whole;

·         Expenses – all expenses incurred as a result of your volunteering will be reimbursed, according to the Action on Hearing Loss expenses policy;

·         Opportunity to try other volunteering roles within RNID.


This role requires an Access NI check as you will be working with vulnerable adults.  


*Due to the current pandemic, any face to face volunteering activity will be strictly   in accordance with Government Policy and full PPE measures will be implemented.

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