Walk or Canoe Volunteer Rangers (Outdoor Recreation NI)

Throughout Northern Ireland

Outdoor Recreation NI set up the Volunteer Ranger Programme. The aim is for volunteers to walk in and around Northern Ireland. The information gathered is then used to carry out any necessary remediation work (i.e. an audit of the trail)

  1. The long distance walks known as the “Way Marked Ways” and "Ulster Way", with Volunteer Rangers completing audits of these routes twice a year.
  2. Quality Walks - there are over 200 walks across Northern Ireland that qualified under the quality walk scheme, with new route being added regularly! These routes are the best walks that Northern Ireland have to offer and the volunteer rangers walk each route once a year to ensure that they are in good condition.
  3.  Ecotrails are another product that we audit. There are 16 of them and they can be found at the following link (www.ecotrailsni.com). An annual audit is carried to ensure that they remain high quality product is available to those who have enjoyed or wish to enjoy the Ecotrails.
  4. The Canoe Trails of Northern Ireland are another outdoor recreation product that Outdoor Recreation NI developed and promote. There are 5 inland Canoe trails and 4 coastal canoe trails that are audited on an annual basis by our volunteer rangers. (www.canoeni.com).

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