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The needs of communities and individuals around the world are varied and diverse. As a Community Outreach Worker you will work within communities to provide assistance in meaningful ways, often to disadvantaged groups. This may involve working with young people with special needs, or elderly people in community centres. Alternatively you might work with a youth organisation or undertake education and awareness programmes through partner organisations to highlight issues such as HIV and AIDS. The work can be challenging but is truly rewarding and will give you a unique insight into the life of your new community


Our placements in Ghana are embedded in local communities, designed to deliver sustainable outcomes that make a positive impact on members of the local community. Working in support of the UN’s Millennium Goals, our Community Development projects focus on local intervention programmes that support national priorities.  We support programmes for economic growth, which build resilience and support the long term benefit of overseas communities.

Lattitude volunteers work on programmes that support women’s empowerment, HIV and AIDS education programmes, engaging local youths in education and sustainable food production. Volunteers will work closely with local staff and can also be involved in the planning and management of the project, monitoring and reporting.  Some projects give the opportunity to work alongside in-country volunteers as well!

This role is a unique opportunity for enthusiastic and committed individuals to gain essential professional experience in community-level international development, while also developing transferable employability skills in leadership, communication, team work, confidence, cross cultural understanding and problem solving.


Casa Bethel in Cordoba is a community home for some 150 children and disabled adults. The children are unable to be looked after by their parents and most have been placed there by a court of law. Our volunteers are normally attached to one house (by gender), but there is scope for you to work in different parts of the home. Your most important asset will be a positive attitude, your willingness to take the initiative, be able to work on demand and live in a community where everything is being shared. There is a coordinator who you will guide you with the tasks.

The children range from babies to 16 years old and some of them may be very demanding. There is a very strong community atmosphere and you soon become one of the family if you are able to adapt and understand their reality.

Volunteer duties range from helping disabled adults, and the elderly with meal times, entertainment and keeping them company, and also helping children with homework and playing and reading with them.

Age:17 to 25 years old

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