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We have a variety of placements across the world that offer meaningful work opportunities supporting people with additional needs. As a Community Activity Assistant you will work alongside professional social care professionals helping children and adults to live life with greater dignity and enjoyment. You will learn about ways to communicate and engage with people on all levels and you will draw on qualities of patience, tolerance and understanding. These are hugely rewarding placements from which you will gain a strong sense of achievement.


Some outdoor camps Lattitude Global Volunteering work with cater specifically for disadvantaged youths, or for young people with mental or physical disabilities. The environment and activities are the same at these camps to all other camps throughout Canada, but volunteer duties within these camps include an additional caring component.


Our community placements involve working with children in care, street children and children with disabilities. Volunteers will help with teaching, caring, gym, dance, art and anything else the children want them to do! If volunteers are working with street children, they will be involved with teaching, helping with homework, art and writing a newsletter. In Quito there is also the opportunity to volunteer at a social NGO providing rehabilitation therapies and special education for children, young people and adults with cerebral palsy and other associated disabilities (intellectual, visual, auditory, multi-challenges).


Lattitude has several community opportunities for volunteers looking for a range of experiences in either homes for the elderly or centres for young children. Volunteers bring huge amounts of enthusiasm and energy to these placements and are much appreciated by the professional staff who work alongside them as well as the residents in care. These are wonderful, fulfilling work opportunities that give volunteers the chance of living and working in Japan whilst carrying out a vital supportive role for local people.

Age:17 to 25 years old

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